Carlo Santagata theoretical physics

 25000 $ Prize
A  25000 dollar prize will be given to whom will put to an experimental verification the new quantum formula

l=2p137yn         (n=1,2,3,...,n)         (1.1)        

In which l the electromagnetic wave length, 137  is the inverse of the fine structure constant, y is the vibration ampleness of any electric charge and n is an entire number.

The said formula has just been theoretically tested (take a look at but it’s also subjected to direct verifications of experimental character.

From the (1.1) the new relation comes down also


where ldeBroglie is de Broglie’s wave length.

The previous relations are related to a charge alloyed to a central charge. When the electric charge is not alloyed n can be posed equal to the unit.

Even if we let the ability to make the whole manufacture of the project to the experimenter, we suggest to repeat de Broglie’s experience by an appliance findable in the common didactic laboratories and to relieve, by the help of the photo-tubes, the electromagnetic radiation accompanying the phenomenon.

Anyway experiment’s results will have to certified by the realizer. The prize will be given to the first experimenter giving notice of success via press.

If you need clarifications please contact the writer.

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