Carlo Santagata theoretical physics

The New Solution of Ultraviolet Catastrophe of Rayleigh & Jeans and the
New Form of Energy
It is possible to individualize in an accurate way, the error inborn in the model adopted by Lord Rayleigh and Sir James Jeans (R&J) [8] which solution leads to the famous ultraviolet catastrophe. The individuation of the right model to adopt leads to a new formula that is in accord to experimental results of Black body and that, differently from that one proposed by Planck [9], foresees the existence of a new form of energy that also explains natural radioactivity phenomenas. It also allows to determinate the temperature over that the material is in plasma status (IV status of material) and permits to establish energetic distribution in this status.
It is possible to understand Plank's hypothesis, by that the energy is quantized, It cannot foresee the new form of energy, because, even if it is essentially correct, is likewise strongly limited. Infact it is possible to show both in an experimental and theoretical way [1] that Planck hypothesis by that E=hnn, fundamental platform of the actual Quantum Mechanics, is rigorously amenable to the classic theory of resonances [1], phenomenon that only verifies for alloyed dipoles. So it can't describe even ionization to those is attributed this new form of energy..

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