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From Coulomb to Yukawa throught Plank
On the unification of known interactions
The resolution of the classic singleness
Perhaps it’s possible to reconduct the mesonic interaction of Yukawa to the coulombian field in basis to unknown implications of the Black Body Problem proposed at that time by Planck.

As it’s immediate to show, the mentioned solution of Planck eliminates the innate and congenital singleness of which Coulomb’s formula (Newton) is affected [c.g.s.]

for , where e is the electron charge and y is the average distance between the two charges. It will be immediate to deduce from Planck’s relations according to the coulombian force that

having a course deducible from the following graph.

In it we can see ho Coulomb’s force extends to infinite, by extending while the force law deducted by Planck’s solution, at first reaches the maximum, and then it entirely annuls. For big distances it extends to Coulomb’s macroscopic formula.

So we immediately deduce that the total work of annihilation of the couple of charges is equal to

where  can also coincide with light’s speed, but, it’s generally different from it. Besides from these new relations we draw that joining energy is given by the relation

that, by neglecting -1, is simile to the formula hypothesized by Nobel Yukawa in the case of the nuclear forces, by having posed  .

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